clothing magic

Clothing magic

In Multi-Media Magic, I wrote about clothing and magic, but in a conversation with a friend, earlier tonight, I actually ended up talking a bit about my own approach to clothing in more depth. See I have specific outfits or clothing choices I make, when it comes to activating specific persona or role choices. For example, tonight Lupa and I went to a fet event at the conservatory. I was in a subby mood, so I got dressed in black harem pants and a black poets blouse, which perfectly evoked for that subby persona. If I'm in a toppish mood and feeling somewhat masculine, slashed up pants and a t-shirt will work or if I'm feeling more feminine in my gender choice, a mesh shirt, vest, and hakama pants will help.

Naturally I extend this kind of work outside of my fetish interests. When I meet with a client, I'm dressed in a business suit. I do make sure the pants are comfortable, and the shirt is colorful, and I always wear one of my trademark hats. I use the clothing to help me get into the role I need to perform. Something which really interested me is that my business persona changed as I added new apparel to it. The sports jacket, the black socks, etc, all created changes in the persona, to help it fit more into what I needed it to be.

Recently I bought a purple shirt and pants and that also has it's own association and role. In fact every outfit I have has specific purposes for creating and sustaining specific roles I need to be in. Each outfit is used to create a kind of space and place for the roles I want to inhabit. The clothing becomes ritual gear. When it is put on, I assume specific roles. The clothing acts as a trigger point, a way of assuming a specific mantle and preparing myself for specific types of interactions.

I've always treated clothing in that way. The clothes become the ritual costumes, by which I change myself into whatever I need to be for given situations.