endings and beginnings

Endings and beginnings

Today I helped a couple of my friends pack up a truck. They are moving to Seattle. For the last year and a half they lived next door to me so I got to know them pretty well. In thinking about them leaving, I also got to thinking about the changes in my life for the last half year. I got a divorce, started writing again, got involved with someone new, helped my friends move, and a variety of other things. You know, life... And there's not something overtly magic or mystical about all these changes, but when I think about the element of time, I also think about endings and beginnings. Time isn't just the awareness of the rhythms of the universe, though that certainly is a big part of it. Time, or at least human awareness of time is the marking of events, the recognition of endings and beginnings, the significance of connections and their changes. Life is change and time is how we mark it.

So I watch s other people's lives are changing and also see my life changing and I mark it with time, I mark it with dates...I find a way to make the when significant so I can remember the what. And that makes time significant as tool and as an event.

So life changes, there are endings and beginnings, transitions...