Opening the Gate

Unlocking yourself releases heat that flows to all extremities,bringing forth a heightened awareness of life and your connection to the environment, There's a moment of oneness in everything, a close kind of warmth that snuggles and smothers simultaneously, releasing with it a cry of fear and liberation, I am free and chained at the same time

In the confrontation of opposites, there is the fusion of the similar, which creates a cycle of entropy, as the polar opposites turn on the similar and turn on themselves a cycle that never stops and reveals in its intricacies everything falling apart to come back together again

The inner worlds are revealed by the outer world unlocked by the people who can understand that its not all in your head there's real meaning and power in the symbols you hold so dear. There's liberation in the facing of fear and fear in the liberation you achieve for the unknown calling on and on that you come forth and face the consequences of your choices.

A dance of possibilities

To enter into imaginary timefeeling the flow of possibilities as they merge with your linear position of reality shaping and shaped by you it all becomes one infinite, unto everything We're dancing here on the edge of time a quick slip into non-linear reality I could be everywhere, anywhere, all things and none The flow of words that come out, doesn't come close to expressing where I really am, what it is I'm becoming We are that we are, but you see we exclude all these possibilities by adhering to this space/time reality we are in. The song and dance of probability on possibility draws me in. I could stay here forever, infinite dreams flowing through me but would I ever really bring these possibilities into reality?

I am that I am back to linear reality I come with possibilities born out of imaginary time I am here with reality born anew.