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Does the Magic move you?

In my previous post about evocation I made a point about being moved by the entities you evoke and how that should be a criteria of evocation. In thinking about this further though, I want to make another qualification. The act of magic itself should move you. So what do I mean by movement in this case? Being moved by magic is allowing yourself to experience magic as an ontological agent of change that doesn't just bring a result into you life, but also changes how you approach life, in order to sustain the result you've wanted to achieve. In other words, successful magic is something that changes your life and how you live it.

This approach treats magic as more than just a tool or technology. I don't think of magic as just a tool or technology. While I discuss process in magic quite a bit, I also think of magic as a force that is experienced. I recognize that at a certain point magic isn't something that I use, its something that I experience. I am moved by it, and the result is a changed life.