The Inner Alchemical Path to turning the Dragon of Change into the Momentum of Success

Dragon In the last couple of months I've made some pretty big changes in my businesses and life and while these changes are good, what comes with change isn't always easy to deal with. In making some of my choices, I've felt moments of fear and anxiety. Part of me asks, "Am I doing the right thing?" and "Is doing this worth the consequences you'll deal with?" And while I'd like to say my answer is always yes to these questions, the truth is that sometimes its not. Change can be a dragon, mythological in its power in your life, teasing in its glory, yet frightening when faced head on, even with all your preparations.

Change brings with it uncertainty. We step out of the comfortable confines of whatever it is we've been doing and even if we've defined a result (always define your results), there is still those natural feelings of fear and anxiety. And we can and should acknowledge those feelings, but what we shouldn't do is let them take over, because once that happens we'll sabotage the very change we seek to bring into our lives. Change seems like a dragon, but the reality is that change is your ally, if you make it into one. Today I want to talk about how working with change can greatly enhance your life (which participants in JOY, the upcoming life altering class on mastering internal work and applying it to your life, will accomplish) if you learn how to work with it and its agents instead of resisting it.

To turn change into your ally you've got to engage it on all levels of your being, starting with your feelings. 

Embrace ALL of your feelings. The happiness and the fear, the excitement and the anxiety. All of those emotions are part of this process of change, but if you only focus on the positive ones, you're doing yourself a disservice. The negative emotions, as terrifying as they may seem to be, can also be a great source of inspiration. Fear can paralyze you or it can motivate you to push through and do the work you need to do. When I have different emotions come up in relationship to the change I'm creating and going through, I open myself to the feelings, and feel them. I don't think about them...I feel them in my body. My stomach knots up as I feel fear, my pulse races a bit as I feel anxiety, and yet I allow it...and keep myself present with what I'm feeling. By feeling it, I'm actually allowing myself to process and let go of the attachments the emotions embody. You can do this to.

When you feel fear, allow yourself to feel that fear to uncover what comes up in relationship to it. You may find that other emotions such as shame and guilt come up, which also need to be experienced. You might find that a specific event triggered the feeling and that you need to process that event. In my case, it was choosing to leave two networking leads groups I've been part of. Rationally I have excellent reasons for making the choice to leave, but emotionally it was hard to do and it felt like I was pushing myself out of a nest. Allowing myself to acknowledge that helped me feel the emotions and let go of their hold on me, because now they were acknowledged.

By embracing your darkest emotions, you turn them into fuel that empowers the change you seek to manifest in your life. You turn resistance into advantage.

With change, comes resistance. Your feelings are one form of that resistance, because they show up to try and keep you in the dead weight of your status quo. But when you embrace your feelings and accept them, you turn them into allies and as a result you turn their inertia of resistance into the momentum that powers your success. The primary resistance you'll always encounter with change is your internal fears and doubts rearing up to hold you back and until you harness them and turn them into your allies they will convince you not to taken action, to stay in the comfortable discomfort of your status quo. And not surprisingly you'll find that your external circumstances mirror the internal fears and doubts holding you back.

To truly hold space with your feelings and turn them into allies you need to shed the dead weight of the status quo.

For me shedding the dead weight of my status quo involved choosing to leave the networking groups I was part of. The networking groups in and of themselves weren't the problem. How I was showing up and feeling was the issue and until I gave myself permission to leave and shuck off the status quo, I couldn't effectively confront those feelings or how their resistance was stopping me. It was only when I could let go of the external situation, the obligation and other associations with it that I could then come face to face with my resistance and begin to turn it into an ally.

Your external situations mirror your internal reality because some part of you has created an agreement that you want to have that situation in your life. If that sounds messed up, just consider how many people settle for situations where they are miserable because some part of them feels they deserve it. That part is rooted in your feelings about yourself, such as doubt and fear. Until you embrace those emotions and turn them into allies, they will continue to hold you back, depriving you of the momentum you need to move forward. When you look at the situations you are in and you own how you show up in them, then you can get rid of the dead weight of status quo and start making the changes in your life and business from a place of informed awareness and empowerment. You're no longer staying in those situations, but instead choosing to do something about them, which is all part of the process of inner alchemy unfolding in your life!

The Inner Alchemical Path of Transformation

It's possible to tame the dragon of change and turn it into a transformative alchemical agent that puts you in touch with the momentum necessary to create your success.

It's possible to take your emotions of fear and doubt and transform them into inspiration and motivation that fuels the manifestation of what you really want.

We'll be covering this (and much more!) in JOY.

What happens as a result?

You step into your own power and exert it on yourself and the world. You create a new identity that is in touch with your deepest values and joys and helps you turn all of that into more wealth, joy, and love in your life. You become the person you know yourself to be and stop getting in the way of your own success.

About JOY

JOY is a practical magic virtual course that shows you how to align your internal reality with the possibilities you want to manifest in the world around you. Registration for JOY starts on April 4th, 2016 and closes on April 11th 2016.

If you decide to take JOY with me, here's the results you'll manifest by the end of the course:

  • Turn your emotions into your allies and into momentum in your magical work.
  • Manifest your wealth and joy in your life.
  • Connect with other magical people taking this class.
  • Discover your internal power and apply it to the world around you.
  • Learn how to align your internal reality with the possibilities you want to manifest.
  • And much more!

Want to learn more? You'll be hearing a lot more about JOY soon.

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