The Magical Experiments Podcast Fundraiser

Hello magical experimenters,

Update: The magical Experiments podcast fundraiser is closed! We reached our goal. Thank you to everyone for the support. Tune in on Monday 4/24 where I'll be thanking everyone who contributed.

I'm doing a fundraiser for the magical experiments podcast. I'm seeking to raise $399 to cover the costs of the podcast. The $399 will be used to pay for the Blogtalkradio premium account, which allows me to schedule shows at premium times (for example 6pm) and for longer than a half hour at a time, which is important because our shows usually run an hour in length.

If you've been listening to the show, you know we've covered a variety of topics including pop culture magic, social justice magic, working with spirits, space/time magic, and much, much more. We've also had a number of guests including Frater Barrabbas, Benebell Wen, Felix Warren, Rune Emerson and many other quality guests who have offered their wisdom and ideas about magic.

The benefit for the community is that it allows me to continue creating great programming that you don't find anywhere else. We don't just talk about magic on this podcast. A lot of our shows also focus on social justice issues in the Pagan community as well as mainstream community. Additionally instead of just interviewing authors, I bring on different people with different experiences, not all of them well-known so that a variety of voices and perspectives are shared.

Your donations support this mission and allows me to continue doing the podcast and offering it to the magical and pagan community at large.

If you've gotten value from the podcast, if you've enjoyed the shows, please donate. Your donations support the podcast and programming I put together.

And if you donate, I have some special offers as a way of saying thanks.

Donate $1 and you have my thanks and appreciation.

Donate $5 and I will do a livestream where I personally thank you for your support.

Donate $10 and I will write an article about a topic of your choice.

Donate $15 and I will give you a one card tarot reading to one question you have.

Donate $35 and I will give you an autographed copy of one of my books.

Donate $50 and I will give you a half-hour Tarot consultation.

Donate $60 and you'll get your choice of either the mad science + Magic = Magical Experiments t-shirt or the Evil Eyes t-Shirt

Donate $75 and I will give you a 30 second advertising spot on the podcast.

Donate $100 and I will give you a one hour consultation on any topic you'd like to discuss.

When you donate, I'll contact you privately to thank you and set up arrangements.

And again thanks for your support.

Here's a graphic that shows where we currently are with our donations:

magial experiments podcast fundraiser