The nature of days

I feel like today is thursday, and then I stop and realize it's actually Wednesday, but that for me it is thursday, because this Friday I will be off. This got me thinking about the meanings we associate with days, and what those days mean to us. It seems to me that people have meanings associated with each day, particularly days in the work week. We know for instance that thursday means the work week is almost done. Just one more day and we're finished. We know that Friday is the end of the week, it feels shorter...and then Wednesday is probably the longest day, the hump day, the day where the end is at a distance.

And Saturday and sunday have their own meanings as well. Days of rest, days of joy, days to not do anything associated with work...well that is if you work at a standard job. And lets not forget that weekends for some people are different days then saturday and sunday. I imagine also days have different meanings to people who own businesses.

And then too when your schedule is changed somewhat, it changes the meaning of the day. Wednesday this week is Thursday for me. The progression of days seems to echo the progression of time and the meaning we associate with days become identities, have identities? Is the character of a day defined by what people do in it? Does a day have a life of its own, a conception of itself?

Do those questions seem silly or academic? Depends on how alive you think reality is, I suppose...