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Magic is a process that changes you and your relationship with the world, if you understand how the process works.

In this 24 lesson class, we will explore what the process of magic is and how the principles of magic apply to you and the world around you. If you're tired of 101 books that say the same thing, but never teach you magic, or tired of the spell books that never explain how or why magic works this class is for you. If you want to understand how magic works, and how you can personalize it to fit your needs, this class is for you. You will learn how to:

  • Develop your own definition of magic and make it work.
  • Learn how magic works and what you can change to make it work consistently for you.
  • Personalize your magical system to improve its efficacy in your life.
  • Understand how to fix mistakes in your magical workings.
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of magic and its place in your life.

Whether you are just learning about magic or have been practicing for years the Process of Magic course focuses on what really matters: Learning how to use magic to proactively improve your life. In fact, you'll learn how to make magic part of your daily life in a way that actually enhances your life.

Below is a testimonial from one of the students:

Taylor Ellwood's approach to magic looks at your life, looks at what you want to change and then uses your magic to improve the situation. If it does not work, improve your magic! Magic is a creative process that ties intimately into our lives and changes not only an outward situation but the magician itself.

In the beginning you will take a look at that process, something I have never seen discussed before. After that Taylor Ellwood supplies a large tool box for magical work. It ranges from creative techniques like using cut-ups to the creation of magical entities tailor-made for the magician's needs. There are a lot of potential magical helpers on your way, gods and demons alike, and you will learn how to establish a healthy relationship with such beings that is mutually benefiting to you and them.

In no time you are doing magic that improves your life instead of reading about magic or pondering about what magic could do for you if only you could find the time to actually start practicing it. I can recommend this course for everyone who would like to become the active shaper of his or her live again.

Testimonial from Wolf Kaminksi

When you take the Process of Magic Correspondence course you get the following Benefits:

  • A comprehensive understanding of how magic works
  • Increased confidence in your magical workings.
  • Higher success rates in your magical work, as well as how to troubleshoot your magical workings
  • Connect the principles of this class to any magical tradition you are part of.
  • Deepen your relationship with magic as a force for change in your life.

Who should attend this class?

This class is for Pagans and Magicians who are serious about improving their magical expertise and who want to understand how magic works from a practical perspective. If you want more than just 101 books or spell books, this class is for you.

When does this class meet?

This class is a correspondence course, which means that I'll mail lessons to you each week.

About the Teacher

Hi, I’m Taylor Ellwood, mad scientist and magical experimenter. I love magic and I love teaching people how to apply it to their lives.

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When you take this class, you get the following bonuses:

  • Access to an online private forum that is specifically for this class.
  • Free Teleconferences every other month to discuss the material directly with me!
  • Free MP3 Recordings of conferences.
  • A Free E-book copy of Creating Magical Entities.
  • Two bonus lessons.

How to Register

The investment for this class is $100. If you've been wanting to understand how magic works or how you can achieve more effective results, this class is for you.


An Example of the work people do through this class

Shauna Aura Knight has posted about her definition of magic, as a result of taking this class. Reading them will give you an idea of some of the work we do in this class:

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

More Testimonials

I have been reading and experimenting with magic and the occult for over five years and it seemed like I was going off in too many directions, without a map to guide me. I felt like I was spinning my wheels. This course helped me focus, without tying me into any particular Religion or belief system. If you are looking for a course that builds a foundation for your understanding and practice of Magic, this is the one!
This course has been amazing and I truly value your knowledge, experience and writing ability. I also like the fact that you are innovative and creative in your approach and take a progressive view of magic and are not mired down in some conservative tradition or other. You are on the “cutting edge” of magic and I am sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to take courses from you! Last but not least, you are ethical, conscientious and relate very well to your students.
Testimonial from G. Marlett
By describing the process of magic(k) rituals, Taylor Ellwood taught me how to enhance my work. He taught me how to analyze and improve some rituals I had made, how to apply proved techniques to experimental rituals for internal magic and how pop culture can also be useful for creating pantheons more in relation to oneself. After this class my rituals have been really effective, and I started to think of magic as a means for transforming myself to get the best out of my environment. Highly recommendable class, I'm really happy I took it.
Testimonial from Ivan Marquez

I'm really enjoying your class.  Especially helpful was how you showed the Tarot as offering up possibilities instead of viewing the cards in a rigid way.  I'm also working with the element of Earth for a year.  What I'm really finding from your class is that magic works.  You can't believe how many doors have started opening up for me that were right under my nose.

Testimonial from T. Vorster

I decided to take Taylor Ellwood's Process of Magic class after many years of magical practice and study as a way to reboot my work. I've been involved with a few traditions but have generally been very eclectic in my approach. In my view eclecticism is a strength if you can find a way to synthesize all of those disparate takes on the magical path. Taylor has stripped away most of the window dressings associated with magic. Instead of focusing on style and aesthetics he focuses on the roots of practice and the processes underlying them. For those who are already involved in magic but are wondering how to weave together the rich variety of strands available to us in the 21st century, examining the processes that underly all magic, no matter the flavor, is an excellent place to start. For newcomers and beginners this course will help you quickly move beyond the 101 stage and help you start getting your hands dirty with practical magic.

Testimonial from Justin Patrick Moore

I decided to take this course for I was searching for a way to synthesize various magical influences I have experienced over the years in my magical journey. Now I am in the middle of the course, still doing Lesson 9, but I already have learned far more than what I  expected from a single course. The course material is written in a clear style and there are no vague mystifications often found in magical texts. In the beginning the students are encouraged to examine all the elements of their magical practice. Taylor helps you to fully recognize your own definitions and mechanics of Magic that no other books or any other materials could not succeed to address. Then you will be introduced to ways to examine magical links and basis of altered states of consciousness for successful operations. One of greatest points in this course is you can have benefit from it no matter what your magical background is. It is perfectly designed to focus on core workings of Magic, so any person who has interest in any forms of magical practices will found it to be easily applicable to their own daily practice. This course is not just a correspondence course. You also have live interaction with Taylor. In such process you can share what you have found in your practice with him and people of same interest and you can have feedbacks that will lead you to deeper understanding of Magic. I truly recommend this course to anyone, novices and experts alike.

Testimonial from Yutaka Furuki

The Process of Magic was very helpful. Before the class, I had a mish-mash of ideas about how magic did and didn’t work. The course helped me to see the relationships between components and outside forces of magic in a way that made them make far more sense to me, so I could get better results from my workings. I highly recommend for a newbie or for someone like me who wants to create a firm foundation to build a practice on.

Testimonial from David Kaiser

The Process of Magic class really helped me to define what magic is to me and why I was sometimes having a difficult time getting results - and helped me to understand why I got results when I did! The classes lead to some very introspective, and sometimes uncomfortable, moments; but it has helped me to become a better, more aware, magician. The addition of the in-person teleclasses adds a very useful dimension to talk through any concerns and challenges with Taylor and my fellow students. I'd recommend this class to anyone who is interested in doing effective magic.

Testimonial from Victoria aka Leona Oigheag