The Process of Magic is Going Live!

I'm very pleased to announce that my first correspondence course: The Process of Magic is now going live. The class will officially start May 16th. It is a correspondence course, which means that I'll send a lesson once a week. There a total of 24 lessons which explore magic as a process. A Full description of the class can be found here.

I previously offered a live version of this class and one of the attendees had the following to say about it:

By describing the process of magic(k) rituals, Taylor Ellwood taught me how to enhance my work. He taught me how to analyze and improve some rituals I had made, how to apply proved techniques to experimental rituals for internal magic and how pop culture can also be useful for creating pantheons more in relation to oneself. After this class my rituals have been really effective, and I started to think of magic as a means for transforming myself to get the best out of my environment. Highly recommendable class, I’m really happy I took it.

I'm currently offering this class for $80. You will get the following when you take this class:

  • Access to forums where you can ask questions and learn with other students.
  • Access to me, so that you can ask questions and get a response that is helpful.
  • 24 written lessons sent out each week on Wednesday which includes exercises to help you develop and refine your process of magic.
  • Homework to help you proactively apply the principles of this class to your magical practice and life.
  • A Free E-book copy of Creating Magical Entities

If you’ve always wanted to develop your own personalized system for magical work or just wanted to understand how magic works and can be used to improve your life this class is for you. To sign up for this class contact me at

I'm looking forward to sharing this class with any who take it. We'll be refining your magical practice, and examining what really makes magic work!