The Process of Magic Round 10 starts in 3 weeks!

redsigil_400px-72dpi Round 10 of the the Process of Magic course starts in 3 weeks on August 6th. Magic is a process that changes you and your relationship with the world, if you understand how the process works. Whether you are just learning about magic or have been practicing for years the Process of Magic course focuses on what really matters: Learning how to use magic to proactively improve your life. 

In this class you'll learn:

  • Develop your own definition of magic and why its important to have your own definition.
  • Use a process approach to magic to understand how it works and what you change.
  • Personalize your magical system to improve its efficacy in your life.
  • Understand how to fix mistakes in your magical workings.
  • Achieve a new understanding of magic and its place in your life and work.

To RSVP or for more information go here.