The Sphere of Sensation and Vibrational changes

Courtesy of Pixabay In Magical Imagination, Nick Farrell shares the concept of the sphere of sensation, which is apparently the aura of the person, as well as what influences that aura. He shares some techniques for working with the sphere of sensation that are based on visualization, but I thought it would be interesting to take a different approach with working with the sphere of sensation. I figured I'd would use a different approach to working with the sphere of sensation, via vibration. While I recognize the value of examining your behaviors, choices, allegiances, via visualization using symbols, I think it can also be useful to frame such work in the context of vibrations.

I recently did a walking meditation where I meditated on a behavior that I wanted to change. Instead of visualizing the behavior or a symbol for the behavior, I focused on the vibration of the behavior and how that vibration showed up in the sphere of sensation. I felt the vibration as a form of tension that also showed up in my body. As I walked I focused on changing that tension by changing the frequency of the vibration. By changing the frequency of the vibration I was able to dissolve the tension and as it dissolved I could work through the memories and sensations that came up in association with the behavior. Since doing this working the behavior hasn't had the same strength it had, and I've been following up with further vibratory work that continues to change the behavior.

You can approach this work in several ways. In the case above, I focused on the feeling of tension and used it to find the frequency that corresponded to it in the sphere of sensation. Then I worked with that frequency by vibrating it and using the vibration to dissolve the tension. Alternately, if you wanted to employ sound as a part of your work you could match a specific sound with a vibration you want to work with. You would vibrate the sound in order to work with the frequency and what you could do is experiment with the tone and pitch of the sound as a way to change the frequency or even change the type of sound.

Working with sound and vibration can be a useful alternative for people who struggle with visualization or don't find it to be helpful. By integrating sound into your meditation and internal work you open yourself up to a different way of experiencing and working through internal tensions. I'll be continuing to experiment with sound as a useful alternative to visualization and share what I discover here.

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