The Wii and magic

We got a Wii recently and already it's sparked some thoughts on how it could be used for magic. While I enjoy the ability to play retro games, by far what I enjoy the most is using the wii mote. I've been fooling around some on the wii sports and something which stood out to me about it was how while the wii mote does give you a visceral experience in using it, it can also give a person an idea of how they think. In this case I'm thinking of bowling, where with a push of a button you can change the direction of the line that you want the bowling ball to go to, factoring in how the ball will curve. I took to using that quite a bit as I got a sense for how the controls picked up my movements in the bowling. And it made me realize that in terms of thinking in lines, I tend to think in curved lines as opposed to straight lines. Straight lines have always represented a kind of linear trap to me, where as a curved line is flexible.  I don't know how much any of that really relates to magic beyond perhaps recognizing how one think influences how a person approaches magic. But I will say that I think there are some applications for the wii..Imagine a program where you could do the ritual movements with the wii mote and see on the screen the flaming pentagram. On one hand you might have the removal of visualization, but on the other hand it does offer that opportunity to riase energy both through your own actions and the actions of the computer avatar...sort like an electronic astral plane...or you could have a program where you create your own temple.

I think there's a lot of that could occur with the terms of applying it to'll be fascinating to find out out just what can be developed.

Thinking in lines Straight lines vs curved lines...i.e. wii bowling.