Sometimes I feel so keenly the edge of Zero,the loneliness of one I am unique I'm told as if it were a gift and blessing but such uniquity is a burden as well providing a singular vision not shared by others I see at angles no one else sees understand the universe in a way so rare that it either invokes ridicule or awe from those who witness it. I can put magic together such as you've never known to make the universe dance and sing at my caress but there's no who knows that part of me that dances on the edge of zero gazing into the merging of not and all 0 and 1 discovering the secrets of creations, the tremors of destruction the dissonant harmony of all things and none Oh what secrets I could tell you if you could find a way to walk my path but there's no one to walk this path with me no one to really understand the way I see things. I am as alone as alone can be walking this path with my secret self along tongue lolling out eyes laughing mockingly you know, you know, you know but what you don't know is so much more. I'll continue on this path awhile but I fear I won't find another soul I'm unique you see, so different as far as others can tell. There's no one here to share this journey I'm on. I'm out here on the edge singing my song, telling my story, but there's no one there to hear no one there to tell.