Use it or lose it

Use it or lose it. As an experimental magician, it's easy sometimes to get caught up in experimenting on something new or different, but sometimes in the desire to create something you also risk losing what you've done before. Invention is always useful, but knowing what you've done before or what others have done is equally useful. Some of my most meaningful magical experiences have involved doing daily work that is repetitious, but pays off in the long run because of the focus it provides. There's also something to be said for occasionally coming back to techniques you've developed in experimentation and using them for more than just to see if something works. I recently started creating a new web-sigil for myself because of a lot of projects that I'm working on. It's helping me clarify what I want to work on, while also directing the spiritual and other resources toward helping me accomplish those goals.

If we don't use the tools we have, we start to lose them, we forget what we's easy to do, especially with so much that's around us, but it's important to make time to revisit what you have done sometimes so oyu can get fresh inspiration and also make use of those techniques that helped you in the past.