Weaving the Web starts on March 29th

Mark your calendars: Weaving the Web happens on March 29th and 30th Space and Time are a web that weaves the possibilities of magic into the realities of life. When you learn to weave the web of space and time, you learn how to manifest possibility into reality.

Learn how to integrate the elements of space and time into your magical practice during a two day workshop, in Portland, Oregon.

In this 2 day Weekend Intensive you will learn about:

What the web of space and time is and how it can be integrated into magical and spiritual practices.

  • Why space and time are principles of magic and how to work with them in your magical practice.
  • What the practical space/time magic techniques are and how they can be used to manifest possibilities into reality.
  • How to use meditation to connect with past and future selves, as well as explore probable outcomes before they occur.
  • Who the inner contacts and spirits are that you can connect with to do further work with space/time magic.
  • How space and time can be applied to your spiritual tradition by understanding them as principles of magic.
  • Plus, Plenty of time for YOUR Questions!
This Weekend intensive occurs on March 29th and 30th.

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3 Great Bonuses!

Bonus #1Access to a private online forum that is specifically for this class, where you can share your continued work with the material with me and your class mates.

Bonus #23 Free Hour Long Teleconferences that will occur after the workshop where you can ask me questions and share your experiences.

Bonus #3: Free MP3 Recordings of the Teleconferences.

Registration Fee:

The Registration fee for this course is $189 if you register by March 1st. If you register after March 1st the fee is $229.

For more class details, and to register, go to:


I'm looking forward to working with you during this weekend of space/time magic!