When sickness strikes, opportunity occurs

I'm not sick, but my wife is. She has strep throat. I took her to the hospital last night and we got her the appropriate anti-biotics to combat it. But she's still infectious, so there's the potential chance I could get sick. I actually had felt a bit of soreness in my throat earlier that day and it'd been a bit more irritating when she was diagnosed. It occurred to me that the sore throat was a symptom of my body already trying to fight off potential sickness. So I decided to help my body. The sore throat was a warning and given that I didn't want to get sick or deal with strep throat, I immediately began to work with the throat. I visualized little nanobots going in and rounding up the strep and getting rid of it with lasers. Afterwards the nanobots administered healing reagents to my sore throat. Within an hour of doing this visualization, the soreness in my throat was gone. I decided to have the nanobots patrol my throat until the infection period is finished.

So with sickness (not my own thankfully), the opportunity to come up with a defense occurred. And my body has been duly grateful afterwards. So sometimes something like this can be an opportunity for a person to experiment