Where your attention goes...

Kat and I recently had an interesting discussion about how what you watch on TV or play on a video game can vividly imprint itself on your psyche. I certainly agree that this can occur. I've been playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood since I got it last week and there were nights I went to sleep and dreamed the game. My attention was focused on the game so much that it was what was prevalent to my consciousness. One of the choices I made in my early twenties was to no longer get Cable TV, because I didn't want to clog my psyche with irrelevant advertisements and TV shows, and as my example of the video game shows, it is easy to imprint on your psyche external memes. While I definitely enjoy the game, I can say that having such vivid dreams about it did impress upon me once again why I'm so careful about what I expose myself to.

For the magician, the ability to focus and empty the mind is key for fully immersing him/herself in the magical work s/he is doing. And in my opinion, being able to have control over your imagination, and thus using it as a tool is also key to fully exercising it in your magical work. The imagination is the key to the door of magic. So while it is good to play a game or watch a show, it's also worthwhile to spend some time away from modern media, so that you use it sparingly and not let it consume your life.

I enjoy games a lot, but I've made it a point to also play board games and the like, because there is some imagination involved and it gets me to use it instead of just letting it be hijacked by the TV or videogame console. I think its important to exercise your imagination regularly and recognize it as a magical tool that you want to respect. So remember to take a break from the TV, computer, or videogame, or mobile phone sometimes. That break will help you get some perspective and focus for your magical work.