Why I created the Process of Magic class for you

The Process of Magic

I developed the process of magic class because many times I would get questions from other practitioners about how magic worked that demonstrated to me that one of the core issues people have with magic is that they got caught up in the image of magic, but don't explore the fundamental processes of magic.
I've always felt that understanding how magic works and why it works can help a magician a lot more than anything else they could learn and in my experience the process of magic is a lot easier to learn when you strip away the imagery and optional parts of magic and focus in on what actually happens when you do a given magical working.
In the process of magic class you'll learn how and why magic works and how to account for variables that can influence your magical work. I'll show how to take apart a magical working as well as how to put it back together and personalize it.
Here's what one of the people who's previously taken the class had to say about it:
I have been reading and experimenting with magic and the occult for over five years and it seemed like I was going off in too many directions, without a map to guide me. I felt like I was spinning my wheels. This course helped me focus, without tying me into any particular Religion or belief system. If you are looking for a course that builds a foundation for your understanding and practice of Magic, this is the one! This course has been amazing and I truly value your knowledge, experience and writing ability. I also like the fact that you are innovative and creative in your approach and take a progressive view of magic and are not mired down in some conservative tradition or other. You are on the “cutting edge” of magic and I am sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to take courses from you! Last but not least, you are ethical, conscientious and relate very well to your students. -- Testimonial from G. Marlett
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