Why I'm offering classes

I was asked today if I have a group of experimental magicians I work with at this point. I told the person that's what my classes are for, and that's pretty much the case. I have, at several different periods of time, had groups of people I worked with, but at this point in time I've decided to offer classes, because I've found that most of those groups ended up turning into classes anyway. It's easier for me to offer classes on specific subjects people might want to learn about and go more in-depth with those classes, while also creating opportunities for people to experiment and get some feedback. The additional benefit is that people that aren't local to where I'm at, can still get the opportunity to work with me, if they want to.

At the same time I'm offering these classes because I'm trying to bring a bit of extra income on the side of my other business. I feel that the uniqueness of what I offer and the opportunity to get feedback is worth the cost of the class. I'm not planning on doing any more experimental groups per se, so much as continue to offer these classes, which could be seen as TAZ experimental labs. And that is why I'm offering classes.