Process of Magic Round 6 starting July 3



Round 6 of the Process of Magic class is starting on July 3rd.

Magic is a process. Regardless of what magical type of magical working you do, you are using a process to shape and define reality as well as yourself. In this 24 lesson class, we will explore what the process of magic is and how it applies to your magical work. The end result will be a dynamic reshaping of your magical practice into a personalized system that you will be able to use to consistently generate results for the betterment of your life. You will learn:

  • How to develop your own definition of magic and why its important to have your own definition.
  • Explore a process oriented approach to magical practices, that will help you optimize their usage in your life.
  • How to personalize your magical system to improve its efficacy in your life.
  • Why its important to do internal work and how that internal work can help you improve your magical work.
  • Understand how to fix mistakes in your magical workings
  • Achieve a new understanding of magic and its place in your life and work.

Whether you are just learning about magic or have been practicing for years the Process of Magic course focuses on what really matters: Learning how to use magic to proactively improve your life. This course will teach you a different perspective and approach to magic that will help you evaluate it and apply it to improve the quality of your life. When you take the Process of Magic Correspondence course you will get the following:

  • Access to an e-list that is specifically for this class, with feedback from other students (Value $5 a month).
  • 24 written lessons sent out each week on Wednesday which includes exercises to help you develop and refine your process of magic (Value $400).
  • Free Teleconferences every other month to discuss the material directly with me! (Value $45 per teleconference)
  • Free MP3 Recordings of previous conferences (Value $45 per recording)
  • A Free E-book copy of Creating Magical Entities (Value $20).
  • The value of this course is around $800, but you’ll get it for the low cost of $100.

If you’ve always wanted to develop your own personalized system for magical work or just wanted to understand how magic works and can be used to improve your life this class is for you. To sign up for this class or learn more contact me.

The Space/Time Magic Weekend intensive is happening soon!

timespiderThe Space/Time Magic Weekend intensive is happening on the Weekend of March 30th and 31st. We will meet from 10am to 5pm each day at Essential Elements located at 7704 SE 13th Ave  Portland, OR 97202 Over the course of each day you will learn the Space/Time Magic system. This is a system that doesn't interfere with any tradition you are part of, and in fact can enhance your spiritual work. You will learn the following when you take this class:

  • A detailed exploration of the elements of space and time and how they apply to magic.
  • Space/Time Magic sigil techniques that you can use to stack the odds in your favor and manifest the possibilities you want into reality.
  • Introduction to the Web of Space and Time.
  • Space/Time Meditation practices that you can use to connect with alternate versions of yourself as well as your past and future selves.
  • Connection with Space/Time Inner Contacts who will guide you in your continued work with the Space/Time Magic System
  • And much more!

If you sign up before the 25th of March the class is only $180. If you sign up after it is $220. This class is part of the Way of the Magician Mystery School curriculum.

Have question or want to sign up? Contact me.


Space/Time Magic Intensive in March

I've already announced my newest class, a weekend intensive in March on Space/Time Magic. But I know I have some readers of this blog who might not follow me on my social media accounts, so here's some information and a link to more information about the class.

Space/Time Magic is a magical system founded with the recognition that space and time are essential elements that define our lives. By learning to work with space and time as distinct elements and tools of your magical practice, you will discover how to apply these powerful elements to your life, work, and spiritual practice. Regardless of what your magical background or tradition is, the information in this class can be applied to your magical practice. The weekend intensive occurs on Saturday March 30th from 10am to 5pm and Sunday March 31st from 10am to 4pm.

For more information please go here.


Why I'm offering classes

I was asked today if I have a group of experimental magicians I work with at this point. I told the person that's what my classes are for, and that's pretty much the case. I have, at several different periods of time, had groups of people I worked with, but at this point in time I've decided to offer classes, because I've found that most of those groups ended up turning into classes anyway. It's easier for me to offer classes on specific subjects people might want to learn about and go more in-depth with those classes, while also creating opportunities for people to experiment and get some feedback. The additional benefit is that people that aren't local to where I'm at, can still get the opportunity to work with me, if they want to.

At the same time I'm offering these classes because I'm trying to bring a bit of extra income on the side of my other business. I feel that the uniqueness of what I offer and the opportunity to get feedback is worth the cost of the class. I'm not planning on doing any more experimental groups per se, so much as continue to offer these classes, which could be seen as TAZ experimental labs. And that is why I'm offering classes.