Why would I want to use Alchemy to change my life?

Taylor The other day I was asked a really tough question: Why would I want to change my life with inner alchemy and internal work anyway? It just seems like a lot of work.

Really what the person was asking was: How will doing this work actually help me improve my life?

If you watched the video series I shared yesterday you saw that I shared an intense story of how I changed my life applying the 7 principles of alchemy. It wasn't easy work. It involved doing intense shadow work with myself, yet in doing that work I got myself out of the rut I had been in and set my life up, at the time, with what I needed to thrive.

Doing internal work can be hard, but the alternative is to settle for being in a rut, in a place that I call the comfortable discomfort. The comfortable discomfort is that vague recognition you have that something isn't right with your life, but you're comfortable otherwise so you settle. And in settling you slowly kill part of yourself.

The comfortable discomfort is like a frog being put into a pot of water, and then having the water heated up. The frog will jump out if its put into boiling water, but if the frog is put into a pot of cold water and the water is gradually heated up, the frog will stay put until it dies. That's the comfortable discomfort, the rut that so many people settle for instead of doing the necessary shadow work needed to change their lives.

My class JOY is really about learning the techniques and processes for doing that shadow work. The joy is discovered in the bliss of facing what makes you uncomfortable and turning it into an ally. In order to uncover our light, we have to be willing to dive into our shadows, because what is in those shadows is what is keeping us from truly inhabiting a space of power and joy in our lives.

When we learn how to change our internal reality, we also set ourselves up to change our external reality. As Robert Anton Wilson noted, "What the thinker thinks, the prover proves."

With JOY, I want to show you how to get out of the rut of the comfortable discomfort and make the changes in your life, career, or business that will truly help you discover your light and make it shine, even as you turn your shadows into your allies.

Magical blessings,

Taylor Ellwood Magical Experimenter and Mad Scientist

P.S. Remember registration for JOY is limited to one week and I've already started getting some sign-ups, so if you feel this course could help you get out of the uncomfortable discomfort sign up today today and reserve your spot.