Working the web

In my current work with the web of time, I've been working on changing the patterns of the web, which correspond to ongoing or potential situations that I'm involved in or will be involved in. I've been using the memory box and the Hexagon Elemental Tarot cards for this work. The memory box also acts as an access point to the silver web of time. Basically I use it to commune with the spider goddess of time and interact with her in the web. I use the elemental hexagon tarot deck to make changes in the web. The cards act as a grid system that I can use to change the web.

What I've been doing is accessing the web with specific situations in mind and then using the cards to create solutions for those situations that are favorable for myself. The spider goddess has been part of the work, specifically in terms of providing guidance on how to make changes to specific parts of the web or the overall structure.

What's interesting is that if you factor in the alternate universe model you can then access the alternate webs of time for your alternate selves and superimpose a pattern from that web onto your web. I actually did that today for a working I'm doing for my business so I can continue to build on the success I've been realizing lately in it.

You might wonder why I'm using cards for this process. Conceptually I find it easier to use the cards, because the different themes of the cards can be used to introduce specific concepts or ideas that you want to work with. Also, while I do have a mental picture of the web, the cards make it easier to change patterns or specific strands. In fact, by using the cards, I add a physical dimension to the working so it isn't all in my head. In the future, I'll do a video example of my work and share it on here.