Space/Time Magic Foundations is now Available


My newest book Space/Time Magic Foundations is now available

In Space/Time Magic Foundations, Taylor Ellwood has created a Guide to How Space/Time Magic works, where he walks you through how to apply the elements of time, space, memory, and imagination to your magical practice so you that can possibilities into realities. If you’ve struggled with results based magic, or just want to learn how space/time magic can become another part of your practical magic process, Taylor will show you how to turn time and space into your allies so that you can turn possibilities into reality.

You will learn real magic, including,

  • Advanced sigil magic techniques that help you line up possibilities and turn them into reality. 
  • How to use dream consciousness to connect with the past and future. 
  • How to be in the right space and right time for your desired results. 
  • Who the spirits of space/time are and how to work with them. 
  • And much more.

In Space/Time Magic Foundations, you’ll learn the fundamental practices of space/time magic, and best of all you’ll get exercises that you can use to apply what you learn in this book. You won’t just learn the theory, you’ll learn practical magic you can apply to your life.