Book Reviews April 2019 - June 2019

Book Reviews: Dreaming yourself awake by B. Alan Wallace

This is a good book about lucid dreaming. In it the author explains how to achieve lucid dreaming states and provides exercises people can do to achieve those states. What he shares is consistent with my own experiences of lucid dreaming, so if you want to experience lucid dreaming pick this book up.

Book Review: Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong Vol 1. by Bruce Frantzis

This is an excellent book which provides a simple set of Qigong exercises that you can learn, with easy instructions and illustrations provided. I started learning these practices and noticed an improvement in my internal energy, health, and overall sense of well-being. I do them each day at the start of the day and they set the tone of the day. I highly recommend if you want to start learning qigong and implementing it in your life.

Book Review: The Sphere of Art 3 by R. J Stewart

This is the third book in the sphere of art trilogy and in it the author discusses the temple of memory, telesms and other pertinent topics that are related to the sphere of art. This book supplements the other 2 books and is an essential read in understanding how the sphere of art works. I will also add that if you do the work, this work will change your life, but…you actually have to do the work, not just read the book.

Book Review: The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity by Daniel Reid

This is an excellent book on Taoism that provides you a practical guide on your health, with lots of suggestions that can help you improve your health and well-being. Even implementing some of these suggestions can make a difference in your life and strengthen the work that you do with your inner alchemy.

Book Review: Dance of the Ancient One by Arnold Mindell

This was unfortunately not the best book by Mindell. It came off as scattered and less focused than some of his other works, perhaps because its more of a transcription of his live classes than an actual book. While there are some interesting insights in the book, the lack of focus and tendency to wander takes away from those gems and makes it hard to really dig into the insights the author might otherwise offer.

Book Review: Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi-Gong Volume 2 by Bruce Frantzis

In volume 2, the author refines the exercises taught in volume 1 by adding the energetic work that accompanies the movements. This is an excellent book that will help you dive deeper into Tiger and Dragon medical qi-gong, as well as Taoist moving meditation, while teaching you principles of energy work. I found that this book helped me understand the movements better and refined my work with them.

Book Review: Heavenly Streams: Meridian Theory in Nei Gong by Damo Mitchell

This is a foundational book that can help you attune to the elemental energies within your body and work with them as well as start learning the meridians and how you can work with them. This is a book with more theory than practice, but the practices help you understand the theory and prepare you for the further work you’ll do down the line. The author makes the material accessible, which is helpful for developing your inner alchemical practice.