8 Book Reviews

Book Review: Lessons Learned from Occult Letters by William G. Gray

This gem of a book was recently republished and it features letters William G. Gray received from one of his mentors, as well as commentary from Gray about the contents of the letters. For that reason alone this book is valuable because it offers a bit of history and perspective. But what else makes this content so valuable are the insights hidden in the letters and commentary. For someone new to magic they are extremely important, but even the seasoned practitioner will get a lot from the book. It's certainly a book I will read again and again and each time I have no doubt fresh perspectives and insights will yield themselves. 

Book Review: Letters of Lights by William G Gray

This is a fascinating book, because its letters that William G. Gray wrote to one of his students. In these letters you get his esoteric wisdom, but you also get a chance to get to know the personality of William G. Gray and see his thoughts on not just the occult, but also everyday matters and concerns. There were a number of times I read this book and found that the advice in general was apt for life circumstances, which makes these letters timeless and yet also an invaluable part of occult history.

Book Review: Attainment Through Magic by William G. Gray

This is one of Gray's most intriguing books, wherein he lays down a lot of ideas about magic, introduces you to some amazing techniques and shows you what it is like to truly live your magic. It's a work of genius and if you're serious about your magic, you should read this book. Multiple times. It'll challenge you and help you grow in your spiritual practice.

Book Review: The Root of Chinese Qigong by Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang

This is an excellent book on Qigong that explores the biological aspects of Qigong in relationship to breath and the cultivation of internal energy. The author does an excellent job of sharing detailed information about Qigong. I felt like the book filled in a couple of gaps and helped me understand the internal cultivation of energy even better. There are also some useful exercises you can do in the book that will help you apply the concepts to your life. I highly recommend this book if you want to understand and implement qigong in your life. 

Book Review: The Job by William S. Burroughs and Daniel Odier

The Job is a series of interviews done with William S. Burroughs. It's funny, prescient, full of ideas, and at time wanders all over the place. It's a book which speaks to the power of words and how to resist that power or use it. The insights of life observed are as relevant now as when the book was written.

Book Review: The Shaman's Body by Arnold Mindell

This is an intriguing book that explores how shamanic traditions can be applied to working with your body and learning from your body. At times, the book does verge on cultural appropriation, but I think the author does try to treat what he writes about with respect. There are useful insights and perspectives about power, about the body, about connecting with spirit. What I fund helpful was considering all the above and my relationship with each. And I know this is a book I'll read again, to see what other insights I gain from it. 

Book Review: The CHI Revolution by Bruce Frantzis

The CHI Revolution is a solid book which walks readers through the basics of Chi and introduces some movement and breathing practices that you can integrate into your life. It's a book I would recommend to someone just starting to learn about Taoist practices, because it's a good jump off point that can help you learn a lot, including perhaps the most important rule of any spiritual practice, which is the 70% rule. If you want to learn more about internal energy work and meditation practice, this is a good book to start with.