A new testimonial for the Process of Magic Class

One of my students taking the Process of Magic Class shared the following testimonial:

I'm really enjoying your class.  Especially helpful was how you showed the Tarot as offering up possibilities instead of viewing the cards in a rigid way.  I'm also working with the element of Earth for a year.  What I'm really finding from your class is that magic works.  You can't believe how many doors have started opening up for me that were right under my nose. - T

It really pleases me to get this kind of feedback for the course. I'm planning to  create a weekend intensive for people who wish to learn in person from me, but this testimonial verifies that the class is adding meaning to the practices of the people taking it.

If you are interested in exploring your magical practice from a process perspective, contact me. I'd love to answer any questions you have and get you started.