An intriguing definition of magic

In Living Magical Arts, R.J. Stewart offers the following definition about magic: "Magic is a set of methods arranging awareness according to patterns" Its an interesting definition of magic because it acknowledges that there is kind of symmetry to magical work that can be found through the creation or apprehension of patterns. When we consider magical techniques from this definition, what is clear is that the techniques are used to create a specific way to relate to the universe. Magic, in that sense, can be considered a methodology for relating to the universe by arranging pattens via techniques that produce changes in reality.

Why I find this definition intriguing is because its an elegant way to consider how magic works, and depicts the way it works in terms of recognizing how a pattern can change through manipulation. It's not necessarily a better definition than other ones out there, but its a definition that cuts to the heart of what magic does and how it works, and that is not something easily found in most definitions. That kind of clarity is what is needed when discussing magic and the practice of it. I like it a lot and although its not necessarily my definition of magic, it makes sense and its one I'd favor over others.