Are there rules of magic?

The other day I was asked why so many rules of magic are made up, especially if they aren't needed. And the answer to that question really comes down to this: What is the underlying motivation for making up any rule?

The answer is power, or control, or some variant. People make rules up as a way to control what other people will do with magic. I know this from my own experience, because many times I've had people tell me my magic wasn't real or that what I was doing couldn't be magic and when I asked why, their answer always came down to some arbitrary rule.

Now magic has certain principles at work which describes how magic works, but those principles don't tell you what is or what isn't magic. What those principles show is how magic works, regardless of what you're bringing into the mix...and it turns out that magic isn't as complicated as people make it. Watch the video to learn more: