Communication as a principle of magic

Communication. We do it everyday, sometimes in ways we don't even realize. And it happens all around us and within us as well. Communication is one of the most fundamental principles of magic. Without it magic wouldn't work, because whether you're working with an entity, doing a spell with friends, or performing some other ritual activity, it all comes down to being able to communicate. Even when people do a solo ritual, they still announce their intention to the universe in some manner or form as a way of framing the activity. Communication is an activity that's always fascinated me. How an idea is explained to someone, or how people get into an argument. Throw in body language and communication takes on a different level of meaning. And applying communication to magic also fascinates because communication plays such a large role in the magical process.

The role communication plays is this: It's how we express to the universe, to the self, etc., what it is we want to manifest. It's how we connect to something else, in order to establish a commonality that allows manifestation. That's my take on it.

What about you? What role does communication play in your approach to magic?