Experimental Magic Course

I've been teaching magic to different people for a while now. And I've written some books on magic as well that has touched other people in a meaningful way. It's something I enjoy doing quite a lot. For a while, I've noticed that there are some authors who are really good at not only teaching classes, but also charging for them. And I not only think that's perfectly acceptable, I also think that I'd like to be able to offer my own expertise on magic to people who are interested in taking a class. Thus I've come up with the Experimental Magic Course. It's a year long course you can take from the comfort of your own home. The focus of the course is teaching people a practical process-oriented approach to magic that gets meaningful results in your life. We will not only draw on different magical systems, but also on disciplines outside of magic including social sciences and rhetoric, to name just a couple.

The cost of the course is $200, which comes out to less than $4 per lesson. That price won't stay the same, but I'm charging that amount because this will be the first year I teach the course, and I'll want to iron out the bugs.

Of course this class will also focus on experimentation, specifically teaching participants how to experiment with magic so they can develop their own customized systems of practice. So if you're interested in taking a year long class with me, consider my Experimental Magic Course.