How magical workings evolve

Evolution of magic Recently I was talking with a student who was telling me about how the job entity she'd created in the Process of Magic class, as well as several other workings had seemed to evolve and change to fit her own changing circumstances. I wasn't surprised, because in my experience a magical working never really ends, so much as it changes. I've noticed that some people buy into the notion that there is an end to a magical working, as if the manifestation of the result just finishes it up, and yet what is not recognized is that the manifestation of a result does't just manifest the result, but also the subsequent changes that occur because the result is turned into reality. The magic doesn't end with the result, but carries forth into those changes.

Now it could be argued that a magic working should have a defined beginning and end, and certainly the actual working may have that defined beginning and ending, but when you are doing magic, the working ultimately isn't just limited to those moments who you are engaged in it. The working extends beyond the formal beginning and ending, shaped by the circumstances that called for the working and shaping reality in response to those circumstances. You can do a working and in the initial moment not recognize the changes, only to realize later just how much your life has changed as a result of doing the working.

A magical working isn't something to be done lightly. It may help you solve a problem in the moment, but also set your life up in ways you didn't expect. In some ways I think of a magical working as a living being in and of itself. It changes as your life changes and in some ways prompts the change in your life, which is why the saying Be careful what you ask for, because you will get it, is an apt one. There's a reason that the words you use in a magical working are chosen carefully, because you aren't just setting up the immediate realization of the magical working, but also the permutations of that working.

Yet you can't let that stop you from doing magical work. And if you're seriously engaged in doing the work you'll find that what allows you to make the evolution of the magic work best in your favor is the implementation of daily internal work that allows you to work through your issues and helps you recognize what you really want.

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