How to get your daily magical practice back on track


A couple weeks back I wrote about what to do when your magical practice is in a slump. Wouldn't you know it? After I wrote that article my magical practice went into a slump, albeit due to the fact that my lovely wife got very sick with Pneumonia. I needed to focus on getting her better, so my daily routine went out the window, and that included my magical practice.

Fortunately I had an energetic reserve to draw on during that week, but once she got better I felt pretty tired, and I needed to rebuild my energetic reserve (watch this video to learn more about that). What I needed to do was get my practice back on track and yet I was feeling decidely unmotivated.

I'm sure you can relate to that.

We all have moments where we get thrown off our daily routines and as a result our practices suffer. And after the problems are resolved, it can be all too easy to let your routine go to the way side. It takes an act of discipline and will to get yourself back on track and focused once again on your practice.

Yet once you do you rediscover all the benefits of doing the daily practice.

  • You get more focused and clear on what needs to be done.
  • You get more creative and inspired
  • You feel grounded and centered
  • You connect with the spiritual world and bring it back to the rest of your life.

Those kinds of benefits are powerful, especially when you experience them everyday. They are also cumulative. I know this because when I don't have interruptions to my magical practice, I'm connected to the heart of the universe, and when I don't do my practice, I just don't feel so on or grounded.

So how do you get back on track?

You just decided that you'll start your practice up again and you do it. The first day back is hard, because you're having to reconnect to everything. The next day gets easier, but its an act of discipline and will that moves you back into connection with your spiritual powers and helps you turn the potential of your soul into the manifestation of reality.

You get back on that practice and you do it. It's really as simple as that, and yet as simple as that is, you got to do the work.

P.S. The next round of the process of magic starts June 8th. If you need help developing a consistent practice and sticking with it, this class will be perfect for you.