How to stack the deck of reality and possibility in your favor

I find that a lot of people think of magic as something you actively are doing, but sometimes the way magic works has more to do with being in tune with the flow of possibilities into reality and allowing the right possibilities to come through. What does that really mean?

I look at it in this way. Yes, sometimes the magical work involves taking action, but sometimes it involves being in a situation and recognizing how to make that situation work for you, even when it seems to be stacked against you.

Stacking the deck of possibility and reality in your favor involves recognizing a situation for what it is and then finding the best possibilities that make the situation turn in your favor. Yet it is also a reliance on magic, being in tune with magic and letting it carry the situation to those possibilities. I share a recent example below where coincidence quickly became synchronicity.

What made that situation work out really involved being open to the right possibilities happening at the right time to resolve the situation favorably. I didn't have control over everything that could happen, but by being open to the possibilities and in tune with magic, it made it possible for the right possibilities to slide into reality and stack the deck in my favor.

Sometimes the best magical practice we can employ simply involves being open to the realm of possibility and then picking the possibility that allows us to manage the situation favorably. We still won't have full control, but when you can steer a situation into the direction you want it to go into, then it becomes much easier to achieve an outcome that works for you instead of against you.