May 2017 Magical Experiments podcast

Did you miss an episode of the magical experiments podcast in May? Here are all the episodes.

Magical Experiments podcast: Magical Activism Pt 4 with David Salisbury and Mat Auryn

Magical Experiments podcast: Paganism and consent with Shauna Aura Knight and Katessa Harkey

Magical Experiments podcast: Building and Maintaining Sacred Space with Ivo Dominguez Jr

Magical Experiments podcast: Conflict and Community with Crystal Blanton

Book Review: The Hidden Reality by Brian Greene

This is a fascinating book which explores the various theories about parallel universes and uses modern physics to examine the veracity of those theories. The author does an excellent job of walking readers through the physics and exploring the viability of the various theories. Whether you enjoy physics or are just curious about the universe, this is a good book to read, which will provoke some thoughts and ponderings to be savored.