How to use Inner Alchemy for allergies

courtesy of Pexels

courtesy of Pexels

The other day in the Magical Experiments Facebook group, one of the members asked if it was possible to counteract allergies using the methods I’ve shared in the Inner Alchemy series. I told the person it might be possible, especially if you were to take a targeted approach to working with your allergies and the neurotransmitters that can play a role in signaling the body that you have an allergy. For this article, I’ll describe how such a process could work and what you would need to do, if you were applying my processes to your allergies*.

Before we get into that, I do want note that your body has the responses it has for specific reasons, that are designed to keep you safe. Thus our process isn’t about suppressed allergic reactions, but rather its about figuring out if there’s a way to cure the allergy. The reason we don’t want to suppress the reaction is because the reaction is a symptom, a signal of what the underlying issue. Suppressing the signal doesn’t solve the problem, and if anything may cause you to ignore vital information that you need to have.

With that in mind, the first step I would suggest taking actually involves using meditation to step into the allergy experience, so that you can learn what your body is trying to tell you. Of course that doesn’t sound fun and it really isn’t, because it involves you becoming fully present with the experience of the allergy, and what your body is trying to communicate to you about the allergy. But by taking that experience on you may get valuable information that helps you understand why you’re getting the allergic reaction.

This is especially helpful if you don’t know what the cause of the allergen is. When you meditate on the allergic reaction, ask your body to show you or help you experience what caused the allergen. You might even ask your body to give you an indication during your everyday life. For example, if you find yourself feeling repulsed by certain food it might be because of one of the ingredients of the food. Pay close attention to your body’s response to what you smell, taste or otherwise experience and if something doesn’t feel right, then trust what your body is telling you.

You’ll also want to work with the neurotransmitter Histamine and the amino acid Histidine. Histidine is responsible for producing Histamine as well as conditioning the body to respond to Histamine. Histamine is your body’s allergen warning. When you have an allergic reaction such as hives or a breakout or a feeling of nausea that’s Histamine saying “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!” Histamine also helps fight infections.

You can work with Histidine to help you fine tune your body’s response to Histamine. You’ll want to meditate on Histidine and develop a relationship with it (I cover how to do that in the Inner Alchemy of Life). Once you’ve established that relationship you can work with Histidine to fine tune the production of Histamine and refine how your body responds to it. You’ll do a similar working with Histamine, but the focus will be on working with Histamine to identify the allergens and what is responding to them in your body. As an interesting aside, Histamine also regulates your gut. When I started working with Histamine, I was able to use it to help me with a couple gut issues, which allowed me to enjoy food I hadn’t eaten for a long time.

Once you’ve identified the allergen, you can start working with your body to change your response to it. Depending on what the allergen is you may need to work with additional neurotransmitters and hormones that can help you address the situation. Your work will involve regulating the body’s response in a way that is healthy for the body. This might involve having a specific neurotransmitter either be more or less active in your body, as an example. You’ll want to do some research and the best way to do that is to look up the allergic condition and then look at how it is treated in a variety of contexts. You may want to use those treatments, but you might also work with your body and with the specific neurotransmitters, amino acids, etc that can also be employed to help you with the way your body is responding.

I’ll admit I haven’t had a lot of allergies in my life. I actually live in one of the allergy capitals of the world (the Willamette Valley), but my own work with the Inner Alchemy of Life has helped me enjoy a quality of life and health because I work with the spirits of the body and they’ve helped me identify and work on the health issues that have come up on the rare occasion I’ve experienced them. If you choose to try what I’ve shared above, I’d love to hear from you about what you did and how it worked for you.

*Note: I do not guarantee specific results.