If you want work with me

DMP_Taylor4medium I'm a fairly busy person, always working on some type of project or another. Occasionally I get queries from people about how they can work with me or what it is I'm working on, so below is a list of the services and products I'm currently offering.


I've written a lot of books and all of them are available either on Amazon or from my publishers. If you go to the Publications tab on this website, you'll see a list of books I've written. If you order books from publishers, I will actually sign and ship them to you (because I co-own the publisher).


I teach classes on magic. I'm offering the following classes currently:

The Process of Magic: This is 24 week correspondence course, where you get a lesson each week. Additionally every other month I do a teleconference with the students so I can answer their questions. In this class we explore the fundamental processes of magic and how they work in order to understand and improve our magical workings. I'm currently accepting students for the next round, which starts September 9th. The investment is $100.

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Space/Time Magic Foundations: This is 24 week correspondence course, where you get a lesson each week. Additionally every other month I do a teleconference with the students so I can answer their questions. In this class we explore space and time as distinct elements of magic and learn how they can be integrated into both practical magical workings and spiritual work. The next round starts in November. The investment is $100.

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Inner Alchemy Foundations: This is a 4 month teleconference class, with teleconferences occurring every other week. I'm starting the first round this October and in this class we'll explore how to use breathing meditations, energy work, wealth magic, and practical techniques to do internal work and enhance the quality of your life and work. We'll also do a basic exploration of how to work with your neurotransmitters and microbiota magically. The investment is $100 a month.

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One shot Teleclasses: On occasion I offer one shot teleclasses on a variety of topics. Nothing is currently scheduled, but be on the look out for future classes.

Consulting and Coaching: I also offer consulting and coaching services.

Magical Apprentice: I also do one-on-one training with people interested in working with me directly. We meet each week for a half hour or every other week for an hour to go over your magical work. Additionally I'll assign you projects to work on that are relevant to your goals. The investment for this is $200/month and I do ask for an initial commitment of 3 months. To learn more, contact me.

Dual Deck Tarot Readings: Do you have a question you want answered, a problem you want to resolve, or a possibility you want to explore? I offer a half hour Tarot card reading using two decks simultaneously. The Investment is $50.

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Magic Consultation: Do you have a question about magic, or a magical working? Do you want some advice or someone to runs ideas by about magical workings? I offer consultations on magical workings, using both my extensive background in various magical practices and systems and my own experimental approach to help you. I can help you with a variety of issues, including healing, career, business, wealth, relationships, etc. Note: I do not do magic workings for clients. I will help you develop one that you can do. The investment is $100 an hour.

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Author Coaching: I've recently been getting some inquiries about whether or not I coach people on writing or on marketing and selling books. In fact, I do! I have over a decade of experience in the publishing industry as both an author and publisher and can coach you on writing as well as how to market and sell books. If you do want to coach with me, I do ask for a three month initial commitment, as this process can take some time. I charge $400 a month and that gets you 4 1 hour coaching sessions per month on writing and marketing your books. For more information, Contact me.

Business Coaching: Do you own a business and want to figure out how to run it better? I teach business owners how to plan their business by design instead of run it be reaction. To learn more, visit my business coaching site.