Magic and price

If you've been watching Once Upon a Time, in several of the episodes the focus has been on the price of magic. The take in the show is based on a Faerie Tale perspective of magic, where magic comes with a price and the price usually isn't what you expect. It reminds me of some of the faerie tales and fiction I've read.

I recently asked on my Facebook page if people thought there was a price with magic. The answers I received indicated that people thought there was a price associated with magic, of some sort or another. Nothing as dramatic as a faerie tale price, but nonetheless there was a sense that to one degree or a price existed.

And I agree with what they said. I think there is always a price. As one person put it, it's a trade off in terms of what you give away in order to pursue the path you choose. That principle applies to anything as much as it applies to magic. But the price of magic fascinates me because it plays on specific themes within occultism, such as Faustian deals or Faerie Tales. And it makes sense to some degree. Anytime I work with an entity I am making an exchange of sorts, though not in such medieval terms.

But I think if there's really a price with magic it has more to with the discipline needed to study it as well as the consistent work needed to apply it. And that's a price worth paying, as is the case with any discipline you want to master. You put the time in order to really grasp it and apply it to your life. And when you do a magical working you accept you are making a choice, but that no different than making a choice that doesn't involve utilizing magic. Everything has a price associated with it. You just have to decide if the price is worth it.