Magical Experiments Podcast August and September 2017


Magical Experiments Podcast: Traveling to Sacred spaces with Vyvianne Armstrong

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Magical Experiments Podcast: Pop Culture Magic systems with Terra Akhert

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Magical Experiments Podcast: Pop Culture Magic Systems 2 with Wild Healer and Coleen Chitty

Magical Experiments Podcast: Opening the Doors to Psychic Perception with Ivo Dominguez Jr

Book Review: The Arch of Heaven by R. J. Stewart

In the Arch of Heaven, the author shares a prayer/working that he has used to deal with lingering ghosts. He then explains the origin of the working and offers some insights on spirits, death, and related topics. It's a short, focused book on a specific type of magical working, within the magical tradition that the author is part of. People in that tradition or in the Avalonian current will find this book valuable. For other practitioners it does provide some useful gems on working with inner contacts and some insights into the tradition the author is part of. I found the material useful and accessible and would recommend it to anyone.

Book Review: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

In Daring Greatly the author explores what it means to be vulnerable and how being vulnerable can help you become a wiser and stronger person. As I read this book and applied it to my life, I found that I had deeper, more intimate conversations and connections and that I was able to create a space for myself that truly helped me embrace who I am. I highly recommend this book for internal work and meditation.

Book Review: Keys to Perception by Ivo Dominguez Jr

In this book the author shares the keys to perception and walks readers through a variety of exercises he's developed that can be used to cultivate psychic abilities. What I think stands out to me about this book is how the author manages to make the book relateable to people regardless of what their spiritual background is. So while Pagans and magicians will get a lot from this book, so will anyone else who has psychic abilities or simply wants to learn more about them. The exercises are well developed and described and its clear the author has done the work, but he also makes a point to describe the mechanics of the workings, which is helpful if people want to experiment with it.