Why a spirit won't solve your problems

Every week I get a message on Facebook or through email where someone asks me if I'll teach them how to summon whatever Goetic demon is the flavor of the week in the occult community (though usually it's Bune).

And there's a common theme in these requests, which boils down to this:

"I want to summon the spirit and get it to solve all my problems for me and remake my life."

In other words, I want something else to do the hard work for me because I don't like my life or situation and I want to cut corners (I mean isn't that what magic's for?)

I'm about to get a little ranty...

A spirit will not solve your problems for you.

I know that the typical mythology around spirits depicts them as granting wishes (though have you noticed how double edged those wishes are?), but in my experience and from connecting with other people who work with spirits, I've never seen a spirit come in and solve a person's problems for them.

If anything, connecting with a spirit can bring a whole 'nother level of complexity into your life, because you're making a commitment to that spirit. You're choosing to form a relationship with it, which brings with it obligations on your part as well as the spirits.

Now a spirit can be helpful by making you aware of opportunities or influencing a situation, but you still have to do some of the work. 

If you're wanting to work with a spirit because you hope it'll solve your problems for you then I'll just be honest and tell you that you're taking the wrong approach to working with a spirit. 

If you want to work with a spirit because you recognize it might provide you some different perspectives and point you in the direction of some resources and opportunities, and you're willing to do the work on your end AND acknowledge and honor the spirit, then working with a spirit might be worth it.

And if you can't figure out how connect with a spirit from the myriad of free resources that are currently out there then I can help you, but there's a price for that help and if that is something that doesn't work for you, then you aren't ready to work with a spirit, because the spirit will also have its price.