Marrow Breathing Meditation Experiments

Picture courtesy of Pexels

Picture courtesy of Pexels

For the last month I've been experimenting with what I would call Marrow Breathing Meditation. It's a technique of meditation where you use your breath to connect with the marrow in your bones and use it to generate Chi and more blood cells. I learned about it when I read a book on Qigong practices that focused on this topic. While the book was mostly theoretical, I have enough experience with Taoist meditation practices that it wasn't hard to figure out how it should work and adapt my practices to explore if the marrow breathing meditation could work. 

Each night before I go to sleep I do the meditation. It essentially involves using Taoist water breathing techniques to connect with the body and then directing my consciousness to the marrow of my bones and using the breath to direct the chi to the marrow to help generate more chi and blood cells (according to the book).

When I did this practice I did notice some immediate effects in terms of the reduction of pain in my left leg and knee. I also found that when I stopped doing the practice one night, shortly after starting it up, the pain came back. It took me longer to apply this work to the pain in my lower back and my left foot, but consistent work with the breathing also has either mitigated the pain or gotten rid of it altogether.

Another benefit I've noticed with this practice is that I have more energy and feel more awake since I started practicing it. I feel younger than I've felt in a while. It's quite fascinating to me and speaks to the fact that the body contains many possibilities we don't know of, yet could discover if we are willing to get to know it.

When I've discontinued this work or gotten sporadic with it I have noticed a return of pain as well, though if I've done the breathing consistently for a few days in a row it takes longer for the pain to return. Nonetheless this is an indicator that this work needs to be continuously done and/or that I need to go deeper to the actual root of the issue causing the pan because what I'm dealing with are symptoms.

This is work in progress for the moment, because I'm continuing to explore this particular breathing and how my body feels as a result, but I wanted to share this work in progress and look forward to sharing more as I discover it.