My changing relationship with movement

movement As I've been working with movement as an elemental force for the last year, my understanding of it has changed. And I have no doubt it'll continue to change as I work with it for another year. When I first began contemplating movement as an elemental force, I thought of it purely in the sense of physical movement, but as I continued to work with Eros as an avatar of movement, and worked with movement as an element overall, I came to realize that there was a lot more to movement than just the obvious physical movement a person can do.

First there's the recognition of what you are moving around and through. Movement of any type takes place in an environment where other factors need to be considered. You might never consider them consciously, but they nonetheless are something that effects how you can move. For example, if you walk into a room you need to consider what's in the room and how you will move around it. Even when you are moving around outside, you still need to move around objects. And an additional factor is navigation. Where are you going and how will you move there?

But movement is more than just physical. When you want to manifest a possibility into reality, it involves movement. You may need to take certain actions, or do a working to align variables that effect the realization of the possibility. When you understand movement plays a role, you can utilize it as a principle of magic that aids you in your workings. Movement as a metaphysical force isn't just the alignment of variables, but also an awareness of how everything fits together. When you move, you aren't just moving one part, but rather everything. This may not be readily apparent, but I find that movement is really a pattern in a way. What's being moved is the pattern of reality, the entirety. A movement may occur in one area and spread out like a ripple. Understanding this about movement can change your awareness of what movement is and how it works in your life.

My work with movement has also helped me appreciate its relationship with stillness. I'll eventually be working with stillness in more depth, but I see how movement leads into stillness, and how constant movement is not necessarily as good for a person as one might think. Movement has its place, but so does stillness, and stillness sets movement up. Both interact with each other to support what each element can provide.

The reason I'm working with movement for another year is that I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. So much of the initial work has centered around my own issues and so there is a need to explore movement further in detail as it applies to the metaphysical and physical realities that I'm engaged in. And I feel that there's a lot to learn as it applies to space/time magic. I've shared some of my realizations along those lines, but there is more to come and I'm open to discovering what it is.