How being great defines my spirituality

Good to Great I recently finished reading Good to Great (review below). It's a book about what makes some businesses great, but as with anything else you can apply the principles in the book to your spiritual work. As I've been reading this book, I've been thinking a lot about what I'm great at, about what I can do that not just anyone else can do and I recommend reading the book and asking yourself the same question, because you may find that it changes your life, work, and spiritual practices...or it may just confirm something you already know, but give you a different perspective on it.

I think that asking yourself what you can be great at can define your spiritual work as well as your practical life. When you ask yourself what you can be great at spiritually what you are really doing is focusing on what brings you to life, when it comes to spiritual matters. For example if you identify as a reconstructionist, perhaps what you are great at is identifying with, researching, and implementing practices from a spiritual tradition that speaks to you with its values and practices. I'd argue that what you identify with, what you feel called to defines what you can be great at.

I feel called to experiment. I identify myself as an experimenter, and for me its what brings the greatest joy to my spiritual practice. It's what makes great as a magician, because I've recognized that my identification with experimentation makes me great. It's what makes my spiritual path thrive, and it provides me a deep seated sense of connection to magic because I recognize how it fits in with my passion and my curiosity. Reading Good to Great just helped me understand that even more because I recognize that what I am great at is experimenting with magic, experimenting with different perspectives, methodologies, etc. What makes you great with your spiritual practice?

Book Review: Good to Great by Jim Collins

This is a must read book that will change more tan just how you run your business. It will change your life, because it will ask you a tough question: What can you be great at? In this book the author explores what makes some businesses "good" and makes other businesses great. What he reveals is that businesses who know what they are great at and focus on that to the exclusion of everything else are the businesses that become great because they understand their core value and culture. They make themselves great because they are so focused on what they can be great at, that they make it the entire purpose of their work and lives. They define their core values and let those values inform everything they do. This is a book that will help you understand how to be great at your business or your life for that matter. The case studies and principles they explore show how some businesses become great and why they stay great. Buy this book and read it because it will change your perspective on business and life.