My work with Planetary Pentacles


I recently acquired two planetary pentacles, The Second Pentacle of Jupiter and The Second Pentacle of Mercury from Alison Chicosky, of Practical Occult. I acquired them because I was curious about how I could apply them to my own ongoing work with planetary magic, as well as for other purposes and so far I’ve been very pleased with the pentacles. I want to share here how I’ve applied them to my magical work, but I also recommend and vouch for Alison’s work.

When I first got these pentacles, I spent a few days just working with them. I kept them on my person during the day and put them under my pillow at night. I had vivid dreams the first couple nights, where the spirits of the pentacles came and instructed me in the basics of how to activate and work with them. During the day I’d touch them and soak in the experience, not just of the metal, but also of the planetary powers the pentacles represent.

The Second Pentacle of Mercury connects you with the planetary spirits of Mercury. It has a feeling of quickness to it, and a quirky eccentric appeal that provides odd insights and unusual perspectives, perfect for someone like me, but it also helps with communication and information gathering.

The Second Pentacle of Jupiter connects you with the planetary spirits of Jupiter. It has a feeling of expansion to it, a sense of opportunity and potential that can be explored and uncovered, if you’re willing to do the work. It’s helped me with some wealth workings and other related matters.

So how have I applied these pentacles to my own workings?

Frequency Manipulation

I’ve treated each of these pendants as dials, that I can use to either increase or decrease the amount of planetary essence being applied to a situation. The dial function also serves as a modifier, in the sense that it applies the planetary power in a way that modifies the situation through the particular lens that the pentacle channels.

Example: I’ve used the pentacle of Mercury to dial down the hostility of customers at my work, coming in hot because of the problem they’re dealing with. In this situation, Mercury has served to cushion and gentle the customer, making them cool down quick so we can focus on solving the problem. Mercury, in this context, has also helped stimulate unconventional perspectives for finding solutions to the problems being deal with.

Example: I’ve used the pentacle of Jupiter to dial up interest in the ads I’m running on Amazon, basically acting as attractor to those ads. Since applying the pentacle for that purpose, I’ve noticed more impressions and clicks, which is useful for increasing sales. I’ve also used Jupiter to enhance an existing wealth magic working I’m using to get more leads at work.

When I use the pentacles as dials, I treat the holes as the dial indicator (see picture) below. Left is used to lower the frequency, while right is used to raise the frequency. I must add that sometimes lower frequencies are better than higher ones, so if you take my approach you’ll have to pay close attention to your desired result and think of the frequency manipulation in terms of that result. For instance, I might lower the Jupiter frequency if I’m doing a working where I don’t want expansion. By lowering the frequency I can actually mitigate or even negate a planetary influence I don’t want at the time. You can apply this approach to any magical working you’re doing where you want to either modify the planetary influences you’re working OR use them to modify a magical working you’re already doing.

Left is less, while right is more

Left is less, while right is more

Answer Generators

I’ve also used each of these pentacles as divinatory tools, around their specific realm of influence. For instance, I posed a question to the Mercury pentacle and then slept with it under my head. That night I had a vivid dream where I got the answer I needed, which allowed me to make a crucial decision around some internal work I’m currently doing. That direction was very helpful and I imagine I could do something similar with the Jupiter pentacle.

The Pentacles and the Sphere of Art

I’ve also applied these two pentacles to the planetary influences I’m workings with in the Sphere of Art, using them to further enhance and refine the alchemical essences that are part of the working. I place the pentacle beneath the respective alchemical essence it represents and what happens is that both the alchemical essence and the pentacle charge and enhance and refine each other further. It’s basically a symbiotic exchange I’ve created and I can then apply to any working I’m doing in the Sphere, but also outside of it. I plan to get other pentacles and do the same thing with them as well, but that’s down the line.


For the moment what I’ve shared above is what I’ve done with the pentacles. but I know I’ll continue experimenting with them, both in conjunction with other work I’m doing and in working with them as singular entities in their own right. They’ve become an invaluable part of my work. If you want more information about these pentacles or others that Alison creates please visit practical occult.