Planetary magic experiment update

I finished the last of the drawings. The one pictured above is Neptune's. Once I finished the drawings I did consecrations on each of them which involved asking them how I could work with them as well as asking for them to imbue the drawings with the requisite planetary energies.

Since doing that I've employed particular planets for particular tasks. For example, I've utilized Saturn to help me end a business relationship (so far so good). The other day I worked with Mars, asking to be kept on track while working on projects and found myself very focused, with very few distractions. On Friday I worked with Venus and Jupiter in terms of setting up the energy of the day to enjoy love and wealth respectively. I worked with Uranus to promote creativity.

In each case I noticed that after picking a theme or themes for the day via the planets that the energy of the day shifted to fit the planetary energy being worked with. It's something I'll continue to work with, but I'm rather pleased with how this experiment has worked out so far.

Book Review Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller

This is a practical guide to wealth magic, and just as importantly mundane measures a person can take to grow and sustain his/her monetary wealth. What I like best is how Jason Miller mixes magic with practical advice and shows why mundane measures must be employed along with magical efforts to succeed in wealth magic. He presents a variety of ideas on topics ranging from money management and investments to finding a job and getting a promotion to running your own business. I also like that he includes suggested reading with other books you can read to improve your financial knowledge. This is definitely a book you want to read if you are looking to employ wealth magic in your life.