Pre-orders for Magician's Reflection by Bill Whitcomb now being taken

We're continuing to be very busy at Immanion Press/Megalithica Books We are quite pleased to announce that we are now taking preorders for the new, revised and updated edition of The Magician's Reflection by Bill Whitcomb! This sequel to his popular The Magician's Companion has been out of print for several years; however, it's due for release in late September (and should arrive just in time for esoZone, where the author will be a featured guest). In addition to revisions and updates, Bill has added some extra material that's never been published before. Not only is The Magician's Reflection an excellent source for symbols in magic, but it gives in-depth information on archetypes, as well as serving as a thorough, practical guide to creating your own symbol set. Click here to reserve a signed copy of this indispensable resource today! EDIT: Technoccult just put up an interview with Bill Whitcomb about psychotronics.