Releasing negativity by using negativity

Yesterday I was feeling very frustrated and negative about some situations occurring in my life. I felt like I had no control, or like anything in my favor. I realized that I was in a bad enough mood that I'd probably end up feeling this way the rest of the day unless I did something, but I couldn't just bottle up my frustration or unhappiness. I needed to have an outlet for it, but I needed the outlet to be one where I could actually experience the negativity and then release it. I decided to watch Falling Down. It's movie where a guy snaps because he's unemployable and he can't see his kid. He basically ends up committing a series of crimes based on his perception of what is wrong with the world he's dealing with. I watched that movie, because I needed, for just a bit, to be that person...not in real life, but by participating through viewing the movie. I needed to be that person who was feeling so negative, so lost, so unhappy that he'd go and do what he was doing in the movie. And so whiel I watched that movie, I let myself really feel my own negativity and unhappiness over my current financial situation and job hunting, and a variety of other things.

I used the negativity of the movie to evoke the negativity within me, so I could feel it and then release it. It didn't solve anything for me, but it did put me into a better headspace where I could start looking for solutions to my situation that didn't necessarily involve conventional routes, but does provide me something to utilize that will hopefully result.

I released my negativity by allowing it to be embodied and projected in my choice to observe, and on some level, participate in the movie I watched. Negativity experienced vicariously, instead of acted on...Negativity released so I could focus on positive solutions.