Sex, Energy, and Magic oh my!

sex_magick The other day I came across an interesting post, where the author made the argument that a magician should be careful about who s/he has sex with because of the energetic connections that can result, and specifically how the energetic connections can impact the magician. He argued that if a magician is promiscuous s/he can end up cultivating a lot of connections that may be unhealthy and that additionally if s/he is having sex with a person who has lower energy, this can create additional problems. It's an interesting argument.

One of the realizations about sex that I've had is that if you work with someone who has a background in sex and magic, sex can present an opportunity for that person to muck with your internal energetic structures or even to feed off your energy, such as occurs with psychic vampirism. I've had several such incidents occur, and its only been recently that those structures have been uprooted. Sex is an incredibly intimate act, but also an act of vulnerability, where each person is open to each other.

I've been a fairly promiscuous person in my past, and while I take ultimate responsibility for that choice, in examining the energetic structures that were pulled out of my energetic body, I can see how past sexual encounters created and reinforced a drive toward such promiscuity. So I agree with the author of that other post that it's important to be careful about who you sleep with, because whether intentionally or unintentionally you can end up picking up sexual patterns of behavior, which imprint themselves in your energetic and mental layers. Additionally I agree with him that indulging too much in your sexual appetites can lead to a fairly casual and mindless drive for sex. Thus it is very important to be mindful of who you invite into your bed.

Sex isn't just physical pleasure, in my opinion. There is an emotional, mental, and spiritual or energetic connection as well. And that connection occurs even in casual situations. I don't know that you are necessarily connected for life to someone you've had sex with, but I think it is a connection that can make an imprint and last for a while. I remember that one of my first lovers deliberately chose to use sex magic to make an imprint on me that lasted for almost twenty years, even though I'd ultimately been with her for only a few times. That imprint was only dissolved when I did some deeper internal work. And I encountered other structures also left by a couple other people. Those energetic structures provided their own imprint as well. what stood out to me was just how unaware of those structures I was, or how they were influencing some of my choices and behaviors. So I think it is important to be selective about your choice of partners, because it should be someone who really is looking out for you, and who you can trust in that most sacred and vulnerable of spaces that occurs when sex happens. And I think if you are going to do sex magic with someone its also important to remember to respect that person's energetic boundaries. Leaving energetic imprints can be quite damaging and unless you are absolutely certain you will be with the person in a committed relationship (and you have their permission) you should avoid leaving imprints. After all, those imprints can adversely effect a person years and years later.