Forum is now Live!

I'm pleased to announce that the Forum are now live on Magical Experiments. You can find it here. Please feel free to join the forum and discuss topics related to magical experimentation and practice. There are also forums for each of my books. Additionally you'll notice a class forum. Next week The Process of Magic class will be going live and if you take the class you'll get access to that forum. Join the forums and lets talk magic on them. I will check up on the forums on a regular basis, and I hope to get into many intriguing conversations with all of you!

I also want to give a shout-out to Cassie Bruce who patiently did the majority of work getting the forums set up. Having that kind f help is priceless.

Book Review: The Well of Light by R.J. Stewart

In this book R. J. Stewart explores in further depth his tradition and how to work with Faery Allies as well as why the work is done. Perhaps what's most unusual about this book is the emphasis on doing on spiritual work for the benefit of the planet, as much as for the self. R.J.'s writing is crisp and he defines and explains various magical processes in exact detail. Even if you don't follow his tradition (I don't) you'll get a lot out of the book, especially because it will prompt you to think about your relationship with the Earth as well as how you work with spirits.