Goetic Demons

Bune update

My latest Bune update: I'm definitely getting more business opportunities than I was getting before. While some of this is due to my own efforts, I've also had several situations occur last minute that I've attributed to Bune's influence. Those last minute opportunities have also lead to some future business opportunities that look promising. What I'm also noticing is fresh inspiration when it comes to my marketing, services I offer and other business related ideas, both in terms of my business and social media coaching and in terms of what I'm doing with Magical Experiments as a brand. Some of that creativity is inspired by Bune and some of it is inspired by being in a non-toxic environment. More than anything, I'm inspired to continue on this journey of self-employment which fits me better than anything else I've ever done. It's not an easy journey, a lot of the time and it has its share of frustration, but it is a journey where I am responsible for all of it and what I choose to do about it. Bune has emphasized this in his own way. He's not closing potential sales for me. He's just making me aware of opportunities and opening doors for me. I have to decide if I'll go through those doors and be responsible for the consequences of doing or not doing so.

And there's definitely a relationship here, much as there is with any other entity I work with. I mention that because I think its so important to recognize the full extent of what it really means to actually work with any entity. It's not simply a matter of evoking an entity and sending it off on some task. There's a relationship involved, ideally one of mutual respect, and to really work with an entity means mapping out what it will mean to create and sustain that relationship on both ends. Working with Bune, or any other entity has never been a casual affair for me, but rather a commitment to how we can truly help each other and in a sense know each other as well.