The Evolution of Spirits

I wrote a post a little while back asking if people thought spirits evolved. My own conclusion is that they do evolve and the best way I can demonstrate that is through examining several on-going relationships I have with different spirits I work with.

The first case study is Bune. Bune is a goetic demon of wealth and death. My work with him has focused on his patronage of my businesses. In working with him on my business, what I've been struck by is how much he has actually understood about business and how that understanding has manifested in my life. Even though it can be argued that he is a spirit, that identity doesn't automatically stop him from growing or evolving or being aware of the modern world. He has actually explained as well that by helping me learn about what I need to learn for my business he is also learning through me, which suggests that there is an interest on his part to continue to evolve his areas of expertise.

The second case study is Purson, another goetic demon with a focus on time. In working with him, he has shown me the connection between vibration and time (which isn't surprising since one of his tools is a musical horn), and in fact this has also pushed me into a direction of exploring some aspects of music and magic. As with Bune part of my on-going relationship with him involves a transference of information I learn in return for his insights. There is a decided interest in evolving and learning on his part, as well as on mine.

The third case study involves working with elemental spirits. As readers of this blog know I don't stick with the classic western five elements, but have branched out into working with other elements such as emptiness, love, etc. This has occurred in part because of my work with the elementals, and with their suggestion that elemental magic has evolved beyond the classical consideration of it, and that an exploration of elemental magic from a contemporary consideration of elements could be useful.

Finally there's Thiede, a pop culture entity from the Wraeththu series by Storm Constantine that I've worked with since the later 1990's. Many magicians wouldn't consider him a real spirit, but I've found that he seems to have all the characteristics of other spirits. He's shown me a lot of information on space as well as the leyline that connect planets and stars with each other. He's evolved significantly in the context of our workings together and continues to have an on-going presence that changes in part due to our interactions as well as his work with others.

I think that something which is ignored in working with spirits is the possibility that one of the benefits they get from us is an interaction that allows them to learn more of our perspective, even as they share their perspectives with us. Not all spirits are necessarily interested in our world or our perspectives, but I suspect the ones that get as much from the interaction as we do.

A wealth magic tip

This is actually a tip that applies to anything you want to learn, but I'm applying it to wealth magic since that's an area of magic I've been working with quite a bit. Bune, the goetic demon I've been working with, has also been inspirational in regards to this tip. If you really want to apply magic to an aspect of your life, one of the key things you need to do is learn as much about that aspect of life as possible. In my case, I started working with Bune last year in order to get him to help me with my primary business. Along the way, he's helped me see how I could also turn Magical Experiments into more of a business. But the one thing he's pushed all along is the need to educate myself if I want to succeed in business. As a result I ended up taking a Small Business Management course, which has helped me with both businesses in a variety of ways, as well as currently taking a marketing class. I've also been reading a lot of books on business development and wealth at Bune's prompting. The result is that I feel a lot more tools available to me, for both of my businesses.

I also think it helps to have a patron spirit for my business. It's something I'd recommend to anyone who owns a business and practices magic. Find yourself a patron spirit that will provide support on the spiritual side, and will also give you that intuitive push in directions you need to go in, to grow your business. And make sure you honor your patron, as it is quite a gift such a spirit provides. I've done most of the work on my businesses this year and last, but Bune has been the muse for that work. Once I started working with him, I started getting pushed into directions that could help me with my businesses and I've seen a real improvement, especially in the last six months. Praise Bune!


A Vision of Tomorrow

Each year I do a cut-up collage, which essentially serves as a magical enchantment for the next year. This particular magical working is inspired by William S. Burroughs, and I always make a point to listen to Burroughs when doing this working. This year's collage was dedicated to Bune as both an evocation of him for Wealth Magic purposes and also as a way of praising and raising attention about him.

At the same time this collage and the other one are magical workings for my businesses, or vision boards if you like. I'm in the process of rebranding for my main business, as well as working on the social media presence for Immanion Press, and I'm even doing some refining of magical experiments. It's a lot of work, but its also a lot of fun.

How this works is twofold. Your scissors is the tool of cutting. You cut any previosu meanings away when you cut the words and images out. Then when you put the collage together, you glue your meanings into the words and images, imprinting them with your desires. The glue is the imprint of meaning on the blank void of paper, bringing meaning with image and word to create an enchantment (or evocation) of the desired reality. You can fire the enchantment off a variety of ways, whether its via sex magic, or using your creativity as the firing mechanism, or showing it in a public space, with people sharing it as the firing mechanism.


Bune update

My latest Bune update: I'm definitely getting more business opportunities than I was getting before. While some of this is due to my own efforts, I've also had several situations occur last minute that I've attributed to Bune's influence. Those last minute opportunities have also lead to some future business opportunities that look promising. What I'm also noticing is fresh inspiration when it comes to my marketing, services I offer and other business related ideas, both in terms of my business and social media coaching and in terms of what I'm doing with Magical Experiments as a brand. Some of that creativity is inspired by Bune and some of it is inspired by being in a non-toxic environment. More than anything, I'm inspired to continue on this journey of self-employment which fits me better than anything else I've ever done. It's not an easy journey, a lot of the time and it has its share of frustration, but it is a journey where I am responsible for all of it and what I choose to do about it. Bune has emphasized this in his own way. He's not closing potential sales for me. He's just making me aware of opportunities and opening doors for me. I have to decide if I'll go through those doors and be responsible for the consequences of doing or not doing so.

And there's definitely a relationship here, much as there is with any other entity I work with. I mention that because I think its so important to recognize the full extent of what it really means to actually work with any entity. It's not simply a matter of evoking an entity and sending it off on some task. There's a relationship involved, ideally one of mutual respect, and to really work with an entity means mapping out what it will mean to create and sustain that relationship on both ends. Working with Bune, or any other entity has never been a casual affair for me, but rather a commitment to how we can truly help each other and in a sense know each other as well.

Bune Business advice

I'm starting a new business that focuses on applying internal work to dissolve blockages in a person's life so s/he can discover his/her true potential. That's the gist anyway. If you want to learn more visit the Inner Alchemy website, follow me on Twitter or Fan my new business on Facebook. I'm mentioning this on here, because while internal work is a passion of mine and something I consider an important part of magical work, I want to focus my posts on here on other aspects of magical work, while using the new website to focus exclusively on internal work.

But there's another reason I'm mentioning it as well. I believe in following one's own passion. It's what you feel passionate about that really makes you live your life as opposed to just letting it pass you by. In October I did a working with Bune and the focus of my working with him was to inspire in how I could bring in more business. I've actually done well this year with my core business. I doubled the amount of business, which is really good, but Bune focused my attention on the internal work and asked me why I wasn't doing anything with those skills. It was a tough and good question to ask.

When you bring in outside consultants (in this case the goetic demon Bune) the reason you do it is for their perspective, which will look at what you're doing with fresh eyes and lots of questions. My working with Bune didn't automatically bring me new business to my existing business (though I did actually get a couple new clients in Nov and Dec), but he did inspire me to look at what my other passions are and asked how I could use them to bring more business. The result is a class on magic, which is starting tomorrow (there's still time to enroll and I offer payment plans) and this new business I'm starting.

I have no doubt as I continue to work with Bune and follow through on his suggestions that he'll offer additional advice. It'll be up to me if I follow it, but my working with him illustrates something I've realized again and again about magic: "You always get what you need, even if you don't always get what you want." I'll admit, I had different ideas as to how Bune would help me, and yet with how matters turned out, I can honestly say I'm much more pleased with the results and looking forward to seeing what the new year will bring.

Happy new year and magical blessings to you.

Magic and Causality

Magic involves taking a possibility and increasing the chances that it will become a reality. There are different processes for making this act occur, but it all boils down to turning possibility into reality. However, for a possibility to become reality, a person has to also already be doing something to realize that possibility. For example, two people I know were doing job hunting. They utilized magic as part of their job hunting effort, but realized that they needed to actually be doing job hunting to make their magical work effective. In one case, the person creating a job hunting entity that would help her network and get interviews for a specific type of job with a specific income range. She was already doing job hunting for this type of job (and had been for four months), but shortly after she created the entity, she landed her first interview. Although she didn't land that job, shortly after she landed a position that allowed her to network with people that would be her potential superiors if another position opened up. Approximately six weeks after the creation of the entity, another similar position opened up and she was interviewed and got the job. Was the magical acts alone responsible for her getting the job? No...but magic increased the possibility that she would get the job she was looking for.

In the second case, another person was also looking for a job due to being notified that he would be laid off. He did a working to Bune,  who gave him advice that essentially told him to get his life, in general, in order. In turn Bune would provide him the job he wanted. This person took Bune's advice and got his life in order both at home and at work, consequently showing his employer why they needed to keep him on. A couple of weeks after the working, He was told that his current employer had decided to keep him on and they would provide him the training he needed. Was the magical act alone responsible for him getting a job? No, but it did motivate him to take some necessary actions and seemed to push a situation more into his favor.

The causal aspects of magic focus on influence...It's like rolling dice, but the difference is the magic weighs the dice in order to improve the manifestation of specific possibilities into reality. That's one way to look at it anyway, but I also think there's something to be said for recognizing how much a person's perspective or belief about a particular situation influences his/her awareness of opportunity in that situation. Magic, if nothing else, is a process for opening a person's perspective and allowing him/her to see and utilize opportunities that s/he was otherwise ignoring.

In different situations in my life, the application of magic has helped bring about specific results that I wanted to obtain. Whether those same results would've occurred without utilizing magic is a moot point, because what I have always found is that when I've utilized magic, the results occurred shortly thereafter, which indicates a causal relationship. Whet6her it's all in my head, or a very real force, the fact that I can obtain results consistently speaks to the efficacy of magic and its role in my life.

Update on Bune Working

I'd posted a little while back about a group working with Bune, a Goetic demon. Since working with Bune, it's been interesting to note results that have been achieved. My friend Bill ended up staying hired at his current job, while my partner Kat landed a full time position with a job she wanted. I've been finding inspiration in a new business direction, one that I think will be more authentic for me, while one of the other participants has also been exploring starting a business and finding some creative direction in it, after the working. There are many people I know who've practiced magic in the past and then stopped, disillusioned because they didn't get some kind of result they wanted, but I often wonder how much of that is a reflection on them as opposed to the magic or whatever they were working with. In working with Bune, clear expectations of what actions we needed to take were expressed in order to solicit his help. Not following through on those actions would show our unwillingness to take on any other steps that were more practically oriented toward manifesting our collective desires.

I'm reminded of a saying: "God helps those who helps themselves" Which I translate to this: Declare your intention to the universe and then start making it happen, so that the universe can align your declaration with your actions. Seems pretty simple, but I think some people conceive of magic as a kind of cure-all technology. I'll do the magic and that alone will be enough. But Magic doesn't really work that way. It's a way to communicate with the universe at large, or rather with your place in the universe at large, but communication is just one step of the process for making changes. The mundane actions we undertake are a confirmation of our own willingness to follow through.

In working with Bune, I'm struck also by the simple reality that what makes my work with him so real isn't a physical manifestation of him appearing in all of his glory, but rather a profound recognition that what makes my work with him or any other entity so powerful is my CHOICE to believe in those entities and allow for their objective existence. And my proof is found in working my process and in the results that occur as a result of following through in actions and in belief.

My work with Bune

I recently decided to work with the Goetic Demon Bune, who amongst other things, provides riches to a person. As you can probably guess my focus was on doing a wealth magic working with him. However riches is a very ambiguous term so I knew I needed to decide how I wanted to work with Bune and how that kind of working would relate to wealth magic. Just wanting him to get me money or wealth wasn't realistic because it'd leave plenty of loopholes. Instead I looked at the circumstances already available to me. In this case I run a business and have another business I'm about to start. I provide services to clients and I'm developing product lines. I realized that what I wanted was to work with an entity that would help me become more aware of business opportunities and ping my intuition to notify me of potential clients and business opportunities. I consulted Bune to see if he could provide me these services and he agreed that he could. In return he wanted a dedication at a meal and for a book on wealth magic, a painting, and a blog post about my work with him. These seemed like reasonable requests for me to fulfill, so I agreed to them.

I've since created a painting to Bune and hung it in my business office. I'm writing this blog post, and I'll likely write others to provide updates on the efficacy of the working and I did a dedication to him at a meal in his honor. By doing all these activities I am showing him my willingness to develop a partnership and relationship. That's my preference in working with entities in general. It's better to establish a relationship of mutual benefit instead of trying to command or control something.

I did this working last week, but I've already seen a couple opportunities arise. I'm excited to see what will happen. By taking the time to define the role and activities I wanted Bune to perform in, I've also created the path of least resistance for him to do what he does, while also providing a path for how it can occur.